About EpiShares


EpiShares, powered by GHD/EMPHNET, is a networking platform designed to join public health professionals and experts in a space where they can express thoughts, address concerns and discuss issues relevant to public health. It is a networking platform that was developed to ensure a mechanism for sharing information and experience. A space that can attract public health experts, FETP residents, FETP graduates, or any community of practice joined by mutual interest, cause or concern.


EpiShares was developed as an initiative to respond to the need to secure communication among members of the public health community who are unable to exchanging thoughts, experience, resources and concepts that can nurture and foster their practice. As a virtual platform, EpiShares will enable public health professionals and experts to come together to reflect and explore solutions necessary for managing challenges and doubtful situations in various settings.


Through EpiShares, we tap on advances in technology to offer an ideal environment that would grant members a chance to ponder into a common space where they can examine interests of other colleagues, identify colleagues with mutual interests, and seek advice or opinion of experts. We are enabling members of EpiShares to share articles, opportunities, tools, training resources, and other essential elements needed to enhance their performance and expand their scope and perspectives. EpiShares will be the space that will embrace its members’ credentials and will grow into a powerful public health sphere whereby experts can be accessed and contacted for building initiatives, programs or schemes.


Therefore, EpiShares is launched to;


1. Create a space for members and groups to network, share experience, exchange opinions and views, identify mutual interests and needs, and seek advice and support in public health.

2. Announce trainings, awards and other opportunities that are available at GHD/EMPHNET or other partner organizations.

3. Enable experts to mentor and guide other members of the professional community.

4. Create a public health database and roster of experts for the region.

5. Enable Organizations joining the network to view profiles of members and experts.

What You Can Find on EpiShares


A Network


When you sign up to EpiShares, you will have access to the social network where you are given a distinctive space to communicate. Within this space, you will have access to features similar to those found in other social networks. These features will enable you to: see the newsfeed, post, share, message, and comment and like posts. The network will serve as a place where all platform users can come together easily. You can connect to each other, communicate, and share information of common interest. You will also have your own profile, on which you will share information about yourself and your interests


A Directory


The directory allows users to be classified within different type of structures, filters, and communities, such as the FETP Directory. Within the FETP Directory, users can see all FETP users classified by region, country, cohort, year of graduation, and their FETP status (resident or graduate). The Directory will also have contact details for members saved in an up to date user profile. EpiShares also has an Experts Directory where you can filter experts according to the area of expertise, years of experience, region/country of work and other criteria. Directory components will be designed to accommodate other communities or user’s categories as needed.



This feature will serve as a space for discussion for users who have the same interests. Within this space, group members can discuss, debate and share information about issues that are of common interest. Users can open unlimited group discussions and decide on the permission type (public or private). Members can share, and post information and other members can interact. Groups are searchable, and any network member can join after a group admin approval if set as needed by the group admin.




EpiShare members can establish blogs where they can publish their articles, work experiences and other relevant information. They can share their blog posts on the web and outside the platform. The blog can serve as your personal space. It can host his/her profile personal information, career path, and achievements. Of course, all online users can interact with blog posts and comment.




This is a place where EpiShare members can see all upcoming events published by the moderators, members, and organizations. It can be used to keep all users connected to each other prior, during and after the event. EpiShares members can be notified via email about events (suggested events) they might be interested to join without searching and based on their preferences.


Jobs and Announcements


The jobs and announcement features will be providing real time information about jobs available for all members and matched with the member’s qualifications and interests. This will support both jobs seekers and employers by providing and place for public health organizations to announce for open vacancies. Jobs module can support and help all members (experts, FETPs, public health professionals, and volunteers) to find new vacancies.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a community of practice for public health professionals where knowledge and experience are made available and shared to advance public health practice.



Our Mission is to allow public health professionals to engage in open discussions about the issues that matter thus contributing to resilient and robust health systems and organizations by utilizing EpiShares platform.