How do I Cancel or Reschedule my Geek Squad Appointment?

  • Whether you are facing a problem with your smart gadgets, home appliances, or gaming consoles, or any other thing, the first one that you'd ask for help from is the Best Buy Geek Squad team. The expert technicians available at their place assure users that they would not face any kind of problem after getting the things repaired from them. And, that is the reason why many users schedule Geek Squad Appointment with them.

    However, some users may want to reschedule this appointment or cancel it due to their non-availability on the specified date or they might have got some other necessary work to do. Therefore, to help users with this, the Geek Squad team has given the opportunity to the users to help them with rescheduling and canceling their appointment.

    But, some users who are not able to find the option for rescheduling or canceling the appointment can refer to the section given below and find out how that can be done.

    Canceling or rescheduling the appointment

    To see the complete details of your Geek Squad Prices and appointment, get it canceled or scheduled for another date or time, you can follow the steps that are given below:

    1. First of all, go to
    2. You can also navigate to this section directly from their main page
    3. Thereafter, you need to fetch and enter your appointment confirmation number
    4. To fetch this number, you can refer to the email that you received from Geek Squad
    5. After entering this number, click the "Continue" button
    6. Now, you will see the complete details of your appointment
    7. If you are not ok with your appointment date or schedule, scroll down
    8. After scrolling, find the option from where you can cancel/reschedule your appointment
    9. Here, you can choose from the given available slots
    10. After making your choice, confirm your rescheduled appointment


    That's how easily you can cancel or reschedule your Geek Squad Appointment if you are not available to seek their services on the previously scheduled date or time. Geek Squad will make sure that you get their services right on the selected date and time. Also, they will assure you that the problem you are facing with your smart home or gadgets is never faced by you again. It doesn't matter from where you have purchased the problematic product from you will still get reliable assistance from them.