Activate McAfee Antivirus for Mobile Devices

  • McAfee is one of the top companies that provide the world’s best antivirus software for mobile devices and computers. It is winning its position in the top spot for many years by delivering good products in the market. It gives services majorly to Education, Government, and National security clients around the world. McAfee provides security features to protect the system against malware, virus, and online threats. Get the best McAfee Antivirus by visiting

    Steps to complete mobile device activation:

    One can easily download and install antivirus from untrusted sources via the Internet, and people go for the free software rather than buying a genuine product from the app store. However, let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that such free software will protect the devices from threats. We do not know if they are antivirus or viruses themselves. We suggest you to buy a genuine product from the app store and trusted sites only for the complete security of the device. Follow the steps to install and activate McAfee antivirus:

    1. Open the app store and search “McAfee Mobile Security”
    2. Make the in-app purchase payment and click on “Done” option
    3. Click on the “Install” option for installation
    4. After completing the installation, open the application
    5. Create an account after opening the app
    6. Post creating the account, enter a 25 digit activation code here “” and tap “Done”
    7. McAfee feedback team will send a confirmation email to your account

    Note: Please make sure to get the paid version of McAfee antivirus only and not install any other fake apps.

    Query: Why spend money on McAfee security?

    In the past years, smartphone users have increased drastically. The devices are much more capable of performing unthinkable tasks. And now, the whole world is interconnected via smartphones or tablets. Therefore, it’s a matter of security and integrity for such devices that we use to surf, socialize, shop, and connect on daily basis.

    So, McAfee ensures the security and safety of personal data, online transactions, and bank details from eavesdroppers, hackers, and unauthorized access. Just like McAfee PC versions, one should download and activate the paid version of mobile security at because our personal and professional lives are heavily dependent on these devices.


    In the above article, we have discussed the McAfee Mobile Security and the activation procedure. But make sure that you buy the paid version at “” rather than installing other free apps. Also, read all the instructions and information related to the products and if you still face any issues regarding any of the McAfee products, then feel free to contact the McAfee customer support team.