How to resolve AOL Mail attachment issue?

  • In this digital era, the ways of carrying out the professional conversation has changed. Now, you can attend meetings virtually via a video or audio call, the interviews are also conducted via various platforms over there.

    Email services are not new to this world. Email emerged with the introduction of Internet and is still on rise. AOL Mail is among the services that came into existence at the introductory phase.

    Here, we will shed light on the various ways to resolve the attachment issue.

    Ways to fix AOL Mail attachment issues

    While delivering an email, often we have to share an attachment with it. At times, you might have face problem while attaching the file, so here we will look into the resolutions to fix them. They are as follows:

    1. Try to restart your device

    Gearing up a new start gives you positive results. Whenever we face a technical issue, the very first thing that we can do is to restart our device. To do so, logout from the AOL Mail account and then switch off the device you are operating through. Now, restart the device and again login into your AOL Mail account and now add the attachment into the email. Often times, this measure proves to be successful.

    1. Download attachment in correct manner

    Let’s consider you have completed a step incorrectly. Will that step bring favorable outcome?

    The answer will be “NO”. In order to avoid any kind of obstacle we will have to follow every step with full attention and in a correct manner. Same is the case here. It is suggested to download the attachment correctly.

    1. Size of the file matters

    The size of the file you are attaching often results in giving birth to the problem. If the size of the attachment is not as per the terms of the AOL Mail, then it will result in creating an issue and you’ll not be able to forward the same via AOL email. It supports the attachment with a size of less than 25MB. A file having size more than this will not be supported here.

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    Final verdict

    AOL Mail was among the first email services that took birth with the introduction of the Internet. The above read was made with the aim of providing a resolution for the aforementioned problem relating to this email service. The ways to fix them are easy to follow.