How to Update MetaMask Chrome Extension?

  • Hey investor!!!

    Want to update your MetaMask Chrome Extension but do not know the steps involved in it? We have prepared this article exclusively for novice investors to have a smooth investing experience.

    However, Chrome performs the task to update your extensions regularly, but if you ever come across a new version of the extension and check out that the running extension is outdated then you can also do it manually by following the process covered in this document.

    Why go for the MetaMask extension update?

    The software needs to get updated regularly at some periodic intervals. As physical machinery requires timely maintenance or fuel to have a smooth functioning for increased productivity in an effective and efficient manner. Similarly, software needs to be get updated after some time to have an uninterrupted journey.

    The case is the same here with the MetaMask Sign In or extension. Extensions are a gateway to explore several decentralized applications and allow you to integrate with smart contracts and various Defi. But you can avail this opportunity only if your browser is updated regularly.

    Further, when we move ahead in this article, you’ll get to know the complete process to update your MetaMask Chrome extension. Give a quick glance at the steps beneath:

    1. Launch the Chrome browser on your computer device
    2. Click on the three vertical dots, resting on the browser toolbar
    3. A list will appear then, hit on “More Tools”> “Extensions”
    4. On the next page, slide the button of “Developer Mode” to the right side
    5. Three options will then appear on the top: “Load Unpacked”, “Pack Extension” and “Update”
    6. From the above-displayed options, bang on “Update”
    7. Wait a while to get the extension updated

    Woah!! This is how you have updated your wallet extension quickly and in a simpler manner. The whole process will hardly take 5-10 minutes and the update will take a few minutes only.

    Final thoughts

    Among all the available extensions of this wallet, the most installed and trustable one is the MetaMask Chrome extension as per the user’s activity and feedback. The Chrome browser has gained the blind trust of users and they never hesitate to pick up this supporting browser.

    If you wish to have a better trading experience, then you should regularly update your wallet extensions. Remember, the steps to update any other extension (apart from Chrome) will also remain the same.