How to buy Bitcoin on KuCoin login exchange?

  • The KuCoin exchange is a popular name in the crypto world. To buy and sell cryptos on this exchange, you are asked to sign up for a new account. In case you have signed up for a new KuCoin exchange account then you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by adding funds to your account. Users who are not sure about the process have come to the right page. Today we are going to discuss the way to buy Bitcoin from the KuCoin exchange. To do so, you may need to provide the username and password details of your KuCoin login account.

    The procedure to buy Bitcoin via KuCoin login account

    Before approaching the steps given below, make sure to add funds to your KuCoin login account. You can easily add funds to your KuCoin account using the bank account or debit/credit cards. Now, follow the steps that are given below to buy Bitcoin using the KuCoin exchange:

    1. Using a mobile/computer browser, visit the KuCoin login page
    2. Or use the KuCoin mobile app on your Android/iOS device
    3. Now, feed the username and password details of your KuCoin account
    4. Check the details once and then click on the ‘Sign in’ button
    5. After accessing the account, head to the ‘Buy Bitcoin’ option and click on it
    6. Now, enter the amount and choose the local currency
    7. Provide a payment method like Visa/MasterCard or Apple Pay
    8. Read the disclaimer and check the box
    9. Now, complete the payment
    10. Then, the Bitcoin will be added to your exchange account

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    To sum up, purchasing Bitcoin from the KuCoin exchange is not so complex process. But in case you are new at this exchange then you may be puzzled about it. For the help of the people who are not sure about the process to buy Bitcoin, we have stated the clear steps below on this page. Make sure to provide the login details of the KuCoin login account carefully as it will help you to avoid sign-in issues. We hope that you have purchased the Bitcoin with the help of this post.