How to set up Phantom Wallet on a new Android or iPhone?

  •  Yes, whether you are using an Android phone or iPhone, the Phantom app can be installed on both devices easily and quickly. Once you add the Phantom app on your mobile, you can recover your wallet account using the seed phrase details. This is a straight and simple process. Now, users who have a new device and looking to set up Phantom Wallet on their mobile need to visit the App or Play Store to find and install the Phantom Wallet app.

    However, you can download and install the Phantom mobile app on your device by vising the page. Now, you need to check whether your device has a proper connection or not and then navigate to the next sections of this post to learn about how to set up Phantom Wallet on a new Android or iPhone.

    Easy steps to setup Phantom on a new Android/iOS device

    Android/iOS phone users can easily set up Phantom on their devices with the help of the quick steps that are given below:

    1. Open Google Play or App Store on your Android/iOS device
    2. Head to the search section and type ‘Phantom’ in it
    3. Now, tap on the search icon and then find the Phantom mobile app
    4. Tap on the app and then select the ‘Get’ or ‘Select’ button
    5. In a few seconds, the Phantom app will be installed on your device
    6. Now, open the Phantom mobile app on your device and then finish the tutorial prompts
    7. After that, you are suggested to tap the ‘I have secret recovery phrase’ option
    8. Provide the correct 12-word secret recovery phrase for your wallet
    9. Now, you are asked to choose a new password for your wallet and repeat it
    10. Once you are asked, reach the ‘Restore Wallet’ button and tap on it to finish the setup process

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    To sum up, Phantom Wallet is a powerful Solana blockchain software crypto wallet. Now, it can be also used on Android or iOS devices as well. Yes, you can easily find and install the Phantom mobile app on your device. After getting the Phantom app, you can restore the Phantom account using the recovery phrase details. To avoid issues during the wallet setup process, you need to stay connected to the high-speed internet connection and use the recovery seed phrase details correctly. We are confident, that you have set up Phantom Wallet on your Android or iOS device.