A brief explanation of Astrology and its significance

  • Astrology is a category of divination that involves studying celestial bodies in order to determine the past, present, and future physical events taking place on earth which are associated with particular individuals, social groups, nations, etc. Such practices were typically done by people who were spiritually advanced and knew the mechanics of astrology in its entirety. At that time people on the planet knew the importance and significance of astrology and it was offered to people who really needed it like a king going for a really important war or for marriage purposes. This means it was not being practiced and offered so randomly or casually as it is being done today.

    Why is astrology needed?

    Initially, astrology was used to determine really important events which used to be associated with risk and needed pre-determination and preparation. But nowadays one out of every three people is into astrology for some reason or the other. And the root cause of so many people wanting to know about their future is fear because they are not spiritually aligned with existence. Because once one is spiritually aligned one experiences the oneness of existence and the optical delusion of separation and individual identity immediately gets collapsed and then there is no fear. But this is not the case with most people in today’s time. They are so hooked up with their individual identity that 占星術 is a must for them.

    If you experience and realize the real meaning of spirituality you would become meditative. As a result, you would meditate in every moment without thinking about the past or anxieties of the future. You would live this moment as if this is the last moment of your life. If you live each moment of your life in this way, you won’t need any offerings of astrology. Astrology will anyway be there in your life as it goes hand in hand with spirituality, but you won’t get hooked up to its limited aspects.

    Degradation in the quality of astrology

    In the past, only those people used to become astrologers who used to be competent enough in astrology and were spiritually advanced. But, the demand for astrology on the planet has increased rapidly in the last few hundred years and a whole new market has developed around astrology. So along with the competent ones, even those people are becoming astrologers who have just trained themselves according to the need of the market and their intention is not service but just earning money. Such people are just playing with the mind and emotions of the people and are not providing anything worth it. So people who are seeking or looking for astrological offerings should do proper research before making a choice.


    In this blog, we have explained and highlighted some important aspects associated with astrology and its relation to the current scenario on the planet. We have given significant explanations to the common questions related to it in the minds of the people who don’t know much about it. We highly recommend reading this blog to all kinds of people who have made astrology an important aspect of their lives.