Pro | Coinbase Sign in

  • Is on its way towards sunsetting?

    Hey cryptocurrency investor!
    Are you trading on the Pro platform and news flashed on your mobile screen regarding the
    discontinuation of the service? You want to confirm the headline and you are here
    looking for the same.
    Well, your search ends here. It has been officially announced that Coinbase Pro will cease to exist as a
    cryptocurrency exchange by the end of this year. However, this news left its investors quite shocked and
    worried at the same time thinking about their funds on pro.
    Now, you will be worrying about the investment that you made in it. Will all your funds sink with the
    end of Coinbase Pro?
    Relax, all your investments will remain safe with the Coinbase exchange.

    What’s the new plan?

    Coinbase Sign in has decided to unify all the services under one roof and as a result of this
    will be dissolved and a new section will be created from where you can opt for advanced trading,
    staking, and borrowing of the funds. However, Coinbase Pro majorly focuses on experienced traders or
    investors and came into existence with some advanced features for the ones who are looking for
    something new from regular and simple trading and are desirous to make complex investment

    What led Pro to gain popularity?

    There are several reasons why this platform gained a lot of popularity and acceptance in just a few years
    only. Emerged in 2018, this platform aimed at serving professionals with some improved trading
    techniques and options. Not only this, but its low transaction cost drove investors crazy. The ones who
    learn all the crypto market techniques switched to this platform to avail advanced options along with
    making savings. The transaction fee charged on is relatively high compared to this.
    The next question that investors come up with is- will the “Advanced Trade” charge more than this?

    The query is quite generous. As per the recent announcement made, it reads that the “Advanced Trade”
    will charge a volume-based fee which will be nearly similar to the fee charged at Coinbase Pro.

    Final verdict: will come to an end in the upcoming months reads the announcement made by the
    United States-based crypto firm and it will migrate to the “Advanced Trade”. The declaration reveals
    that all the services will be restructured and will be provided on a single unified platform. With this, it is
    also assured that the investor’s funds will remain secured with standard Coinbase.