Survival Gear - Fitting In

  • Going to this concert requires some survival tactics, and if you don't have them, it is better you get equipped now. You need to be prepared in advance before you attend this concert.

    There are going to be lots of bands, and lots of fans. It's going to be hot, and it can get wet.

    Are you prepared with the right stuff? Do you have what it takes to survive the Vans Warped Tour? Many people come up with music in mind, and end up at the medical tents. Are you a softie, or a hard core punk music freak?

    Learn the survival now to be the fittest of the pack.

    Vans Warped Tour is unlike any other music concert. It is in the open, with thousands of people around. If you do not want to miss out on the fun, there are certain survival 'tools' that you need to pack before leaving your home for the most popular event of the year.

    1. Water

    If you do not want to end up in the medical tent- all exhausted due to the heat, make sure you keep a bottle of water with you. Though you can get bottled water from the stalls at the tour too, but the lines to those can be long. If you want your own water at your own convenience, make sure you keep it with you.

    Your stuff is checked due to security reasons, but they mostly allow a sealed bottle of water, though they do take the cap off- in case you were planning to use it as a projectile. Because only on bottle is allowed, make sure you keep a big one.

    2. Sunscreen

    Vans Warped Tour is in the open, and so there is a lot of heat and sun involved. To avoid getting sun burns, you should pack a good sunscreen. Make sure you apply sunscreen before leaving the house, and pack a tube in your back pack, which brings us to the next point.

    3. Backpack

    All your other gear will go in your tactical edc backpack. Apart from that, you will be tempted to buy a lot of things at the concert, and those things will find their place in the backpack too. You will collect lots of flyers and stickers through the day, and a bag would be ideal for keeping them. Take care that you don't buy unnecessary stuff, as it means more luggage for you. Also, when you come to the concert, your bag will be checked, so do not keep anything that might stop you from getting in.

    4. Comfortable Shoes

    Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, as you will be running around all day. Your shoes should be able to support the running around part. If possible, you should wear good sports shoes, as they have special features to prevent tiredness.

    5. Comfortable clothes

    Same goes with your clothes. Dress practically as you would be running around all day. Wearing high fashion uncomfortable clothes is not going to help. A simple T-shirt and jeans or shorts would suit the occasion. Also, be ready to run around in the sand and mud. In case of rain, there can be mud involved.

    6. Raincoats

    You cannot control the weather- if there is rain, you should be prepared. Umbrellas are not helpful, as they are not allowed inside the concert. But you can bring plastic ponchos. They can cover you from rain, while you scream sing with the band.

    7. Camera

    If you want to show your friends that you attended the latest Vans Warped Tour, make sure you pack a disposable camera in your backpack. You might meet your favorite artist, and you should be ready to snap a picture of them. It would be the best souvenir.

    8. Pen and notepad

    As you enter the venue, you will notice a big board, which will list the band's name, and the stage they would be performing on. Because there will be many stages set up at the venue, it would be difficult to remember exactly which band is playing when and where. With a pen and notepad in your hand, you can plan your schedule, so that you do not miss out a must-see performance. However, sometimes you need to make a choice, when two of your favorite bands are playing simultaneously on different stages.

    9. Marker

    If you get a chance to meet your favorite band, you would definitely want their autograph. That pen you kept in your backpack would come in handy. If you want a bold autograph, you can also go for a marker. Markers go fine if you want the autograph on your arm.

    10. Cap

    Not exactly necessary, but it will keep you protected from sun. As you will have to run around in rain or sun, a cap could prove to be a good idea.

    11. Toilet paper

    With thousands of people assembled at one place, the toilet scene is not going to be a pretty one. You need to close your eyes while visiting the washrooms. And that toilet paper roll will seem really precious once you visit the stalls. Make sure you keep a couple of rolls.