Biodegradable Food Containers Are The Secret To Greener Amuseme

  • In a never ending quest to make every facet of our lives greener, more sustainable and with a lesser impact on the planet we occupy, you may ask the question: If we clean up our workplaces and our schools, what's left for us to improve when it comes to the areas of our community where we can effect positive change? How about the places where we play, specifically, the local amusement parks and major entertainment centers where we spend holidays and weekends.

    Anytime there is a venue where people gather for more than a few hours, you can count on a few things happening simultaneously: Food and trash. With such a large number of people gathered together for an extended period of time, you can bet that the food will be produced quickly and the trash will pile up equally fast.

    All of that trash has to be hauled away to a landfill, and takes up valuable space in that facility until the point that the landfill is tapped out and a new one needs to be developed. If we are to live a more sustainable existence, why don't we begin with the idea of composting and using biodegradable food containers and tableware that are compostable, so that they don't have to take up space in the landfill. By composting a major portion of the trash that is produced in those parks, we remove it from the waste stream and produce a different product that has multiple benefits for the park.

    When you compost, you are breaking down the material into mulch, the same raw material that is used by the amusement park to nourish the plants that are a part of the wonderful landscaping that so many of our nations amusement parks pride themselves on. The other benefit to the park, is that it reduces the water needed to keep the plants alive.

    So the park has created its own source for compost, lowered its water bill and substantially lowered its waste hauling expenses by reducing the volume of trash that is hauled away every week. If the park has the space to create their own composting facility, all the better, but if not, a local commercial composting facility can provide the service and certified compostable tableware items made from sugar cane or bamboo that meet ASTM D6868 for compostability and are BPI certified will break down in a commercial composting facility in about 60-90 days.

    There are many biodegradable food containers that are compostable and can be incorporated into an amusement parks operations starting tomorrow. The old foam trays, containers and cups of the past really do not have a place in these venues. For a few pennies more, these operations can be contributing to a solution instead of exacerbating the trash disposal problem, and by producing the beneficial compost, they can enhance their own operations and probably cover the increased cost of the green product with the water and trash hauling savings from composting.

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