5 Tips to Save Time When You Litter Train a Cat to Use Automati

  • An automatic cat litter offers great convenience to cat owners. It will automatically scoop up the used litter after your cat uses the litter box. A good point is the wide range of modern designs available. There are many different sizes of automatic cat litter boxes. Some are open, while others are enclosed.


    1. Open tray, or enclosed box? This is an important point to consider when litter training your cat to use the new automatic cat litter box. If his old litter box was an enclosed type, the new box should also be enclosed. Otherwise you may need more time to retrain him. This brings up another point - many cat owners find that they need to litter train their cats again when they change the litter box.


    2. Noise factor. Some automatic cat litter are more noisy than others. If your cat is sensitive to noise, you will have to look for a quiet model. On the other hand, some cats like it loud - they are attracted to use the litter box because it is noisy. Some cats are fascinated by the mechanism of the box. You may have to experiment with several different models before you find a box which your cat likes.


    3. Litter box placement is another important factor. Automatic litter boxes need to be plugged into a source of electricity - for some people, this means they have to move kitty's litter box out of the bathroom, which means more retraining. Some models are also quite noisy. You may want to place the new litter box somewhere it won't wake you up if kitty goes potty in the middle of the night.


    4. What type of cat litter? Many automatic litter boxes use clumping litter. Some new models use crystal cat litter. Before you buy the new litter box, make sure it can use the same brand of litter which your cat likes. So far, no one makes a self cleaning litter box using biodegradable litter, so too bad for cat owners who use World's Best Cat Litter. Replacing the litter can be expensive. However, most manufacturers claim that a fresh tray of litter can last anywhere from two weeks to one month.


    5. Attracting kitty to use the new litter box - If you can get catnip easily and cheaply, this can help to attract your cat to use the new automatic litter box. If this doesn't work, Dr. Elsey's makes an additive which claims to attract cats to use their litter boxes. You can add this additive to the litter you put in the automatic litter. Your local petshop can also recommend other solutions.


    Except for the 5 factors above, litter training your cat to use automatic cat litter is no different from litter training your cat to use a normal manual litter box.